Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day

   Thanksgiving is an annual national holiday in the United States & Canada celebrating the harvest and other blessings of the past year, officially since the early portion of the 1600s. But what is this day of thanks & giving for you?

   Historically speaking, Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of thanksgiving on October 3rd, 1863, to be celebrated on Thursday, November 26. Every president afterwards proclaimed the holiday and the date with few exceptions. Then a joint resolution in Congress in 1941and a proclamation by Roosevelt in 1942 designated the 4th Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day in the United States, November 28th for 2019.

   Through time and growth of our country, families found themselves separated by vast distance. Our religious and cultural roots have evolved, too. Modern times have presented our country's Thanksgiving Holiday as a plethora or hodgepodge or confused mixture of many things: religion, football, shopping, exercise and-rest, parades, food & drinks, family and-or friendship gatherings, travel, and more.

   To me, Thanksgiving has become an uplifting time in my older (not golden, not there yet) adult years, for I've personally known this part of our calendar to be one of loneliness for much of my younger adult years, and likely too-many of my countrymen agree for their own reasons.

   This holiday has evolved, we have evolved, I have evolved, ... I say put your heart into an endeavor. Place your faith on your sleeve. Be proud & thankful of others. Unconditionally give of yourself to help others.

   Do these things for our Thanksgiving Holiday, this day will become your day of uplifting thanks & giving.

   Please allow yourself a beautiful day of memories.

Jeron Liverman

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