Southlake, TX - Thank You

Southlake, TX - Thank You

Southlake, TX, thank you for helping me place onto the March 3rd, 2020, Republican primary election ballot via petition for Texas' 24th Congressional District, U.S House. I humbly give thanks to all the people in and around this city. Many people spent their precious time to engage in conversation and become signatories to my petition.

Southlake is home to the real estate company I've had the honor to associate with for many years. Additionally, my family and countless people have walked her neighborhoods; enjoyed rest & relaxation at her parks; shopped in her elegant grocery centers; dined in her terrific restaurants; attended her festivals or events; and more.

Southlake became official in 1956. Thus, this community is relatively young. She emulates human life, she is arguably modern in her youth. 29,000+ people call her "home." Her town center or "Southlake Town Square" is majestic. People shop, play, work, and live within the town's center, a true community and economic hub. I've personally worked in and around Southlake for 15+ of 28+ years of my real estate career.

I find this next statement interesting. Southlake shares a portion of Lake Grapevine. However, her citizens obtain their water elsewhere for H²O rights on surface lakes are owned by water authorities and individual municipalities. The primary water rights for this lake belong to Park cities (Highland Park & University Park). The secondary rights belong to Dallas Water Utilities. The tertiary rights belong to the city of Grapevine.

Texas' 24th & 26th congressional districts fall within Southlake's boundaries. The 24th district encompasses the vast majority of the city though. I am well suited to represent her and all her sister cities of District 24's valuable resource, her people.

Experiences like a Political Science education at Texas Christian University where I graduated in 1992; 28+ years as a private business sector person and Associated Broker and Realtor within Dallas - Fort Worth; family and many friends who have enjoyed life in the communities of District 24 and the surrounding areas ... have aligned me with the people of this community.

I knocked on countless doors and more. I listened as people spoke. By way of the petition engagements for ballot access, each person welcomed me with respect and a handshake. Thank you for speaking with me and-or volunteers during September & October & November, as a Republican candidate.

The people I meet each day inspire me by their support to continue on this political journey. I value people's time. If important to you, I will listen. I appreciate the energy every city and her people have to offer.

If honored by the voters to be District 24's next congressional representative, with character & integrity, I will seek to emulate the many examples randomly placed throughout the many cities of the region. Please support & vote Jeron Liverman For Congress on March 03, 2020, in the Republican primary-election.

Jeron Liverman
December 03, 2019

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