Petition submission & formal Application

Petition submission & formal Application

I am Jeron Liverman. I am seeking your support and vote for Texas' 24th Congressional District, U.S. House.

For me, this introduction to politics has been an incredible and rewarding journey. I have been a self employed private sector business person for 28+ years.

Personal meet-and-greets with people like you at coffee shops, restaurants, parks, and houses have provided me opportunities to listen to you, the people of District 24. These conversations and engagements have allowed me to feel the political pulse of our beautiful Red White & Blue flag neighbors.

From Federal Election to Texas Election documents, I am deeply honored by the many signatories placed upon a petition for "Jeron Liverman," to allow people to have a true conservative choice on March 3rd, 2020.

Thank you to all. Yesterday November 14, in our State's capital, I officially signed the Application For A Place On The Republican Party General Primary Ballot For Federal Office. If granted the opportunity to serve, I will serve with honor.

Jeron Liverman

†★★★†  Texas' 24th Congressional District, U.S. House  †★★★†
Jeron Liverman for Congress
P.O. Box 210426
Bedford, TX 76095 (read Candidate Connection survey) (donation portal)

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