Government or Private sector experience

Government or Private sector experience

Government experience or Private sector experience, the voter will be the decision maker.

Pictured here, these successful private sector people will preach "economic growth" is fueled by private sector experience. Economic stagnation is never a good thing. District 24's most important resource is her people. The people deserve continued economic growth fueled by a private sector person who understands the value of an earned income and appreciates reduced regulations and taxation.

Although I am 100% running for office, I still have to maintain my Broker's license. I genuinely respect these fellow brokers and the many others I met at this multi-day event Broker Series Conference made available by Texas Title University.

I personally say thank you for the after event support (disclaimer, individuals on their own time and not event related) freely offered and warmly received, with respect to my campaign,


Jeron Liverman

†★★★†  Texas' 24th Congressional District, U.S. House  †★★★†
Jeron Liverman for Congress
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Bedford, TX 76095 (read Candidate Connection survey) (donation portal)

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