Farmers Branch, TX - Thank You

Farmers Branch, TX - Thank You

Farmers Branch, TX, ... displayed quietly & proudly upon your City Hall's wall is Branch Life. ..., "Respect & Excellence & Accountability & Care & Trust."

Ballot access is soon. Thank you to the Farmers Branch citizens for speaking with me today, as a Republican candidate for Texas' 24th Congressional District US House.

Your city's Branch Life is true and your hospitality is a beacon to reach for.


* Respect - I value your opinions & acknowledge the various perspectives you shared with me.

* Excellence - I too continually strive to be my best.

* Accountability - Like you, I take ownership for what I do.

* Care - You show a generous display of kindness and concern when you open your door and welcome a stranger. Dialogue is a process too many people in positions of leadership have forgotten.

* Trust - True dialog allows us to be transparent, honest, and faithful.

These are nice virtues displayed by signage inside City Hall. I am in alignment with your city & her people's commitment to do better. I seek to represent Farmers Branch among all the cities within Texas' Congressional 24th District US House.

Please remember your "Branch Life" when you support Jeron Liverman For Congress on March 03, 2020, in the Republican primary-election.

I treasure the valuable time each person has shared. If it is important to you, I will listen. I appreciate the energy every city and her people have to offer.

I give thanks to all. The people I meet each day inspire me by their support to continue on this political journey.

Jeron Liverman

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