Cowtown Republican Women’s forum

Cowtown Republican Women’s forum

It was an honor to be one of the candidates centerstage, at the Cowtown Republican Women’s forum.

Candidates from three U.S. House of Representatives races, Districts 24 and 25 and 26 were present.  All candidates were invited, from those districts.

Men and Women audience members were from all three locations and more.

The time and location:
Jan 06, 2020.
Cowtown Republican Women
above the Blue Mesa Grill, 612 Carroll St, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Format - Speed Dating format -- Up close and personal to audience.
... The audience will be at three corners of the room.
... You will move to each corner when the bell rings.  
... You will be asked to provide a short (1 minute) introduction to each of the three groups.
... A moderator will be at each table and ask each candidate additional short questions and final remarks.  
... You are welcome to bring campaign material.

I believe all the candidates had nice presentations.  
This was my 2nd live forum.  The 1st forum was a round table discussion, a much different format.  This forum was more like a town hall, with a twist.  It was a unique and beautiful experience.

Questions from current domestic and international events were asked.

If you have not been to an event like this one, you should put it on your list to attend one.

After the event, one on one question and answer sessions were welcomed with audience members.  I engaged and listened with audience members from Southlake, Hurst, and a few other areas.

Your VOTE counts,
Jeron Liverman

ps, my 1 minute introductory speech:  (I'm not perfect, delivery was pretty good for my 1st delivered political speech, ever.)

   Hello, I’m Jeron Liverman, Republican candidate for Texas’ 24th Congressional District, U.S. House.

   Voters petitioned me onto the ballot in mid November 2019.  

   I’ve walked to more than 2,000 doors and other venues, and personally listened to more than 1,000 people through personal    engagements.

   I learned The American Dream is real.

     The American Dream is many things to people, depending on their age, health, and other.

     It is about Happiness for some.

     … Contentment for others.

     … and Fairness for everyone.

     It is about Home Ownership, or at the least - a place to call your own.

     It is Economics and the financial ability to provide for one’s family today and tomorrow.

   As a person and candidate, …

     I’m Pro Life, I favor life over death decisions.  

     .. Pro State’s Rights, then Federal Rights.  

     .. Pro Border Control, I favor legal immigration for assimilation to protect against further erosion of our borders,      language, and culture.  

     .. Pro 2nd Amd, our founding fathers were correct, “to keep & bear arms shall not be infringed.”  

     .. Pro 1st Amd, I am for freedom of religion, speech, or of the press.  

     .. Pro Term Limits, I advocate 12 year limits on federal and state offices.  

     I’m for reducing Federal Taxes,

     .. Federal Spending,

     .. & Federal Regulations.  

  [~ 1:05-1:10 min/sec]

†★★★†  Texas' 24th Congressional District, U.S. House  †★★★†

Jeron Liverman for Congress
P.O. Box 210426
Bedford, TX 76095 (read Candidate Connection survey) (donation portal) (website)

or, on your browser search engine - type, "Jeron Liverman For Congress"

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-- political disclaimer [pol. adv. by Jeron Liverman] --