Business owners and professional sales people support "Jeron Liverman For Congress" part 2

Business owners and professional sales people support "Jeron Liverman For Congress" part 2

On the radio last Friday, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley said to Glenn Beck [I've done my best to quote, but I was in my vehicle trying to write], "... Love to see business people going into government.  They see through the red tape. ...."  This statement is a pretty good endorsement of why Jeron Liverman should be your next Congressman for District 24.

Business owners and professional people support "Jeron Liverman For Congress" because Jeron understands their state.

I'm Jeron.  I'm from the private sector, self employed the entirety of my adult life, 28+ years.  I have danced with failure and success, ... know both partners.

Thank you to the people who work hard to serve others while doing their best to run a successful business.  In our divisive culture, ... not easy to display a political banner of support.  The attached picture reflects another business (this one in Colleyville) that supports Jeron Liverman.

People of District 24 finally have a business person and compassionate conservative choice as a candidate, and a person who listens.

Contact me.  Engagements impact all of us.  You get to meet a candidate.  I get to meet a political consumer.  We are allowed to assess the living pulse of each other.

Little moments make big memories.

When you VOTE, know JERON took the TIME to UNDERSTAND you.

Jeron Liverman
December 12, 2019

†★★★†  Texas' 24th Congressional District, U.S. House  †★★★†

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