Bedford, TX - Thank You

Bedford, TX - Thank You

Thank you Bedford, TX. I thank all the people in and around this city. Bedford is home. It is pride & culture & community. People in and around this beautiful historical city took time to engage in conversation and become signatories to my petition, to be placed on the Republican primary election ballot for Texas' 24th Congressional district election set for March 03, 2020.

Bedford is a place for families to live, visit, and play. Our city roots date back to settlers from Bedford County, Tennessee, who came to this area in the 1870's. Various decades for roughly 150 years, people of this community have gathered to celebrate and worship and live. Myself, family, and countless people have walked her neighborhoods; enjoyed rest & relaxation at her parks; swam at her recreation center's water park - Bedford Boys Ranch; biked or walked her streets and miles of pathways; eaten at one of many wonderful restaurants; worshiped at her community churches; attended her annual July 4th festival and-or fireworks show, annual Christmas tree lighting at historic Bedford School House, and other many festivals/events; voted in elections and learned and more at her remarkable library; and so much more.

I am well suited to represent Bedford and all her sister cities of District 24's valuable resource, her people. Experiences like my Political Science education at Texas Christian University where I graduated in 1992; 28+ years as a private business sector person and Associated Broker and Realtor within Dallas - Fort Worth (Metroplex); family and many friends who have enjoyed life in the communities of District 24 and surrounding areas ... have aligned me with the people of this community.

A beautiful monument near a Bedford cemetery dating as far back as the 1860s pays honor to our past veterans - heros, and indirectly to our present heros by way those memories . Imprinted upon a ground stone is written, "In memory of the pioneers of this community who fought and died for the southern Confederacy, and of all the veterans of the war between the states, north and south, who later made northeast Tarrant County their home. Honored here are veterans who lived, owned land, died, or are buried in northeast Tarrant County." Bedford and surrounding communities have respectfully contributed to the greater good.

I knocked on countless doors and more. I listened as people spoke. By way of the petition engagements for ballot access, each Bedford person welcomed me with respect and a handshake.

Thank you for speaking with me and-or volunteers during September & October & November, as a Republican candidate for Texas' 24th Congressional District, US House. The people I meet each day inspire me by their support to continue on this political journey.

I value people's time. If it is important to you, I will listen. I appreciate the energy every city and her people have to offer. I am in alignment with people's commitment to honor the past and provide a dignified present. If honored by the voters to be District 24's next congressional representative, with character & integrity I will seek to emulate the many examples randomly placed throughout the many cities of this region.

I humbly ask you to please support and vote Jeron Liverman For Congress on March 03, 2020, in the Republican primary-election.

Jeron Liverman

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Jeron Liverman for Congress
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Bedford, TX 76095 (read Candidate Connection survey) (donation portal)

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